400L spirit still


Name:400L Distillation  Equipment

Working capacity: 400L

Material: T2 copper and SS304

Heating way: by electric (by steam,gas or firewood etc for your choice)

Thickness: 3mm inside and 2mm in Jacket

ABV: 60%-90%

Lead time: 15-60 days

Accessories list
Items Size/model
Boiler 400L
Reflux column Copper& 4 Sections&10inch
Whisky helment Copper&10inch
Dephlegmator SS304 outside copper pipe inside/10inch
Gin basket SS304 10inch
Condenser 10inch& SS304 outside copper pipe inside
Agitator 110V/220v/380/ 60hz/50hz for your choice.
CIP pump 110V/220v/380/ 60hz/50hz for your choice.
Manhole DN 300
Storage tank 80L&220L&80L
Others safety valve,butterfly valve,parrot, drain,thermometer,pipe,ferrule and triclamp included.

Service: Customer-made&drawings & design provide for free.Logo included.

After-sales service: free replacement of accessories within 6 months.

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